Regulatory Requirements

In this page, you will find information for a new or existing outpatient medical service licensee on the outpatient medical service regulations and licence conditions, its applicable specified services and the allowable modes of service delivery, requirements to be a clinical governance officer and licence fees.

Please note that in addition to the requirements set out here, an outpatient medical service licensee is also required to comply with the Healthcare Services Act 2020, the General Regulations, Advertisement Regulations, Fees Regulations and the Code of Practice for Key Office Holders. A licensee who offers the collaborative prescribing specified service, will also be required to comply with the Collaborative Prescribing Regulations. More information on the legislative requirements may be found in the Summary of Requirements.

When is an Outpatient Medical Service licence needed?

You will require an Outpatient Medical Service licence if you provide any of the following healthcare services to an outpatient:

a. Examine the outpatient’s body or mind.

b. Assessment the outpatient’s health.

c. Observe, diagnosis, and intervene in the outpatient’s health condition.

d. Treat the outpatient for any condition, disability, disease, disorder or injury.

e. Provide medical care to the outpatient.

f. Perform either of the following which changes, or is intended to change, the outpatient’s appearance or anatomy:

i. A clinical procedure;

ii. An invasive procedure that penetrates beyond the epidermis layer of the outpatient’s skin.

g. Provide any other healthcare service that is incidental to the provision of a healthcare service mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (f), including:

i. The conduct of any simple in vitro diagnostic test on the outpatient; and

ii. The conduct of any ultrasound imaging on the outpatient.


You will not require an Outpatient Medical Service licence if you:

a. Certify the death of any individual.


For the legal definition of an Outpatient Medical Service, please refer to the First Schedule of the Act.

Applicable Specified Services and Mode of Service Delivery

Permanent PremisesTemporary Premises ConveyanceRemote
Licensable Healthcare ServiceOutpatient Medical Service     
Specified ServicesBlood Transfusion Service (for Oncology and Haematology Specialties only)     
Collaborative Prescribing Service    
Electrocardiography Stress Testing (EST) Service    
Endoscopy Service*    
Proton Beam Therapy    
Radiation Oncology & Radiation Therapy    

*Endoscopy services allowed under Outpatient Medical Service (Temporary Premises) will be limited to nasopharyngoscopy and cystoscopy which does not involve any sedation, biopsy, or removal of foreign body. Please refer to the Licence Conditions for Outpatient Medical Service Licensees Providing or Intending to Provide Endoscopy Service for more details.

Requirements to be a Clinical Governance Officer

An individual must be in good standing and fulfil all of the criteria below to be appointed as a Clinical Governance Officer (CGO).


1. For an individual to fulfil the requirements to be a CGO, he or she must:

a. Reside in Singapore during his or her appointment as a CGO

b. Be a fully registered medical practitioner with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) and hold a valid practising certificate

c. Fulfil one of the following:

i. Registered under the Medical Registration Act as a specialist in any branch of medicine, OR

ii. Registered under the Medical Registration Act as a family physician in the Register of Family Physicians, OR

iii. Practised as a full time medical practitioner for at least 5 continuous years or an aggregate period of at least 5 years during a continuous period of 10 years in either

d. [For Remote MOSD only] Completed telemedicine e-training course as specified by MOH.


For further details on the qualifications, skills and competencies of a CGO, please refer to Regulation 7 of the Outpatient Medical Service Regulations.


2. For an individual to fulfil the suitability qualifications to be a CGO, he or she must not:

a. Have any of the following convictions, unless it is a spent conviction:

i. An offence involving fraud or dishonesty;

ii. An offence under the HCSA, the PHMCA or any applicable Acts listed in the Annex A of the Code of Practice;

iii. An offence specified in the Third Schedule to the Registration of Criminals Act; or

iv. Any other offence involving abuse, ill treatment, assault, or physical violence

b. Have a pending charge for an offence under 2a(iv)

c. Be an undischarged bankrupt

d. Have had his or her healthcare professional registration(s) under MOH cancelled, removed, or suspended

e. Have been a director or manager of a healthcare services provider that had its registration or licence suspended, cancelled, or revoked

f. Have had his or her accreditation or approval to participate in MOH-administered public schemes revoked or suspended

g. Lack capacity within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2008.


For further details on the suitability requirements for a Key Office Holder, please refer to the Code of Practice.

Licence Fee

The applicable licence fee for Outpatient Medical Service is $360 for each stand-alone mode of service delivery (MOSD). A MOSD fee bundle might apply if you provide Outpatient Medical Service via multiple MOSDs, e.g. permanent premises alongside temporary premises and remote.

Please see the Table below for more details of the exact fee applicable.

S/N List of Possible Combinations Eligibility for MOSD bundle Licence Fee
1 Stand-alone Mode of Service Delivery (MOSD):
  • Brick-and-mortar clinic only (Permanent Premises only)
  • Medical bus only (Conveyance only)
  • House calls only (Temporary Premises only)
  • Teleconsultations only (Remote only)
Not Applicable $360
2 House calls + Teleconsultations
(Temporary Premises + Remote)
Yes $360
3 Brick-and-mortar clinic (one permanent premises) + house calls and/or teleconsultations
(Permanent Premises + Remote and/or Temporary Premises)
Yes $360
4 Medical bus (one conveyance) + house calls and/or teleconsultations
(Conveyances + Remote and/or Temporary Premises)
Yes $360
5 Brick-and-mortar clinic + Medical bus
(Permanent Premises + Conveyances)
No $360 + $360 = $720
6 Teleconsultations + House calls + Brick-and-mortar clinic + Medical buses
(Remote + Temporary Premises + Permanent Premises + Conveyances)
However, only the permanent premises will be bundled, i.e. the conveyance will incur a separate fee.
$360 + $360 = $720


If you provide Specified Services (SS), an additional SS approval fee will apply. The SS approval fee applicable depends on the SS cateogry (i.e., “simple” or “complex” SS). The Table below shows the categorisation of SSes under the Outpatient Medical Service.

Specified Services Simple SS Complex SS
Blood Transfusion Service (for Medical Oncology and Hematology Specialties only)   
Clinical Genetic and Genomic Services (to commence in Mar 2024)   
Collaborative Prescribing Service   
Electrocardiography Stress Testing (EST) Service   
Endoscopy Service   
Proton Beam Therapy  
Radiation Oncology & Radiation Therapy   


Please refer to the Table below for more information on the fee applicable for the provision of Outpatient Medical Service with one or more SSes.

Fee for Outpatient Medical Service* Fee for Simple/ Complex SS Total Fee
(A) (B) (A) + (B)
Outpatient Medical Service + 1 Simple SS $360$900 $1,260
Outpatient Medical Service + 2 Simple SSes $360$1,700 $2,060
Outpatient Medical Service + 3 or more Simple SSes $360$2,500$2,860
Outpatient Medical Service + 1 Complex SS $360$1,900$2,260
Outpatient Medical Service + 2 Complex SSes $360$3,700$4,060
Outpatient Medical Service + 1 Simple SS + 1 Complex SS $360$2,800$3,160
Outpatient Medical Service + 2 Simple SSes + 1 Complex SS $360$3,600$3,960
Outpatient Medical Service + 3 or more Simple SSes + 1 Complex SS $360$4,400$4,760
Outpatient Medical Service + 1 Simple SS + 2 Complex SSes$360$4,600$4,960
Outpatient Medical Service + 2 Simple SSes + 2 Complex SSes $360$5,400$5,760
Outpatient Medical Service + 3 or more Simple SSes + 2 Complex SSes$360$6,200$6,560

*The $360 licence fee assumes that you only provide outpatient medical service via one permanent premises or one of the MOSD bundle combinations.