About Integrated Shield Plans

MediShield Life is included in all Integrated Shield Plans. MediShield Life will cover you for life, including your pre-existing conditions. This is the case even if your pre-existing conditions are not covered under the additional portion of your Integrated Shield plan from your private insurer.

If you have an Integrated Shield Plan, you will also receive subsidies for the MediShield Life component, if you are eligible.

These are the Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) available on the market.
Insurer logos (Feb 2023)

They comprise two components:

  1. MediShield Life component run by the Central Provident Board (CPF) Board.
  2. Additional private insurance coverage component run by the insurance company, typically to coverA/B1-type wards in public hospitals or private hospitals.

If you have an Integrated Shield plan, you are already covered by MediShield Life. The company you have taken the plan out with acts as your single point of contact. They will act on the CPF Board’s behalf for premium collection and claims disbursement for the MediShield Life component of your Integrated Shield plan. 

How do IP Premiums and Claims Work IP

I’m not sure if I have an Integrated Shield Plan

To check if you already have an Integrated Shield plan, you can log in to the Healthcare dashboard to view your coverage status under ’Health insurance’ section.

I don’t have an Integrated Shield plan. Should I consider getting one?

You should buy a plan that meets your needs, so you should consider what you would like to be covered for and whether you can afford the plan in the long term.

The following may help you decide.

Integrated Shield Plan