What was the 2015 Action Plan about?

In 1970, 1 in 31 Singaporeans was aged 65 or older.
In 2015, it was 1 in 8.
By 2030, it will be 1 in 4, 
and we will have over 900,000 seniors.

As we have fewer babies, there will be far fewer Singaporeans of working age to support our elderly.

But Singaporeans are also living longer and staying healthy for longer.

 What is the Action Plan about

This Action Plan for Successful Ageing charts the way forward for Singaporeans to age more confidently and gracefully. It was jointly developed by government agencies, voluntary welfare and non-profit organisations, academia, businesses and union members, with feedback received from our public consultation.

There are more than 70 initiatives in 12 areas – health and wellness, learning, volunteerism, employment, housing, transport, public spaces, respect and social inclusion, retirement adequacy, healthcare and aged care, protection for vulnerable seniors and research.

Based on what over 4,000 Singaporeans told us, this is what a ‘successfully ageing’ Singapore looks like:

  • “Opportunities for All Ages”
  • Singapore will be a place where everyone, including seniors, can continually learn, grow and achieve their fullest potential.

  • A “Kampong for All Ages”

  • Singapore will be a caring and inclusive society that respects and embraces seniors as an integral part of our cohesive community.

  • A “City for All Ages”
  • Singapore will be distinctive globally not just for its economic success, but also as a model for successful ageing.