Community Befriending Programme

Sip a kopi, share some laughs, make a friend. The Community Befriending Programme connects seniors in the neighbourhood. After all, who doesn't need some companionship and emotional support now and then? Most befrienders start out with a simple desire to give back to society but develop enduring friendships with their new buddies over time.


Through the Community Befriending Programme, volunteer befrienders visit seniors in their neighbourhood regularly to keep loneliness and social isolation away. At the same time, volunteer befrienders help to act as eyes and ears so that seniors’ needs can be better understood and supported.

As volunteer befrienders,they play an important role in supporting seniors to age in place in their community, and providing regular companionship and support for seniors in their golden years. Many befrienders have told us that their volunteerism gives them a sense of purpose. While they may have started out with a simple desire to give back to society, many befrienders also find that through their volunteer work, they develop a special bond with the seniors whom they befriend.

Read the stories of seniors who volunteer in the Community Befriending Programme: 

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