Rolling good times with AIC’s arts-based activity booklets for seniors

STAY home, stay safe. That’s the golden advice given to seniors since the pandemic struck. In an effort to keep seniors meaningfully engaged in the comfort and safety of their homes, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) introduced three arts-based activity booklets comprising fun crafts and games last year.

Madam Ting Guan Lee, 90 (left) and Madam Lee Jit Heng, 86, were introduced to the booklets by the staff from St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre when they returned to the centre to attend day care activities after the 56-day Circuit Breaker.

Get to know the cheerful duo better as they recount their memorable experiences completing the activity booklets!


“My name is Ting Guan Lee. I have six children – four girls and two boys – who are all married. I have 13 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

I’ve been staying in the Kampong Arang/Tanjong Rhu area for the past 35 years. I usually spend my time doing housework, going to the market and caring for the little ones.”


“I’ve been attending St. Hilda’s day care and physiotherapy sessions for about a year. I enjoy the arts and crafts activities, group exercises and virtual food trails here!

During the Circuit Breaker, I couldn’t visit the centre for two months. Nonetheless, the staff called me every day without fail. ‘How are you? What did you eat? Are you facing any problems?’ These were some of the questions they asked. They are very caring.”


“They also introduced AIC’s activity booklets to me. My daughter-in-law explained the instructions to me and to my pleasant surprise, I could work on the activities in the book even though I have never attended school. It made me very happy!

Whenever I had time, I would pick up the booklets and work on some of the activities like colouring.”


There are so many different activities! I did some every day and completed the booklets in about two months.

Here’s an activity where I had to draw the missing half of the picture.”


“These two characters are quite cute! They are Wang Sha and Ye Feng (iconic comedy double act from the 1960s). Though I can’t read the text, I recognise them from the drawing; it brings back many good old memories.

I think being healthy is most important in active ageing. I’m glad my son and daughter-in-law take good care of me and I’m also well looked after at the centre.”


“My name is Lee Jit Heng. I have four children – two boys, two girls – and four grandchildren. I enjoy travelling overseas and I feel young when I exercise, travel or keep myself busy at home.”


“I’ve been going to St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre since 2017; it used to be twice a week but now I’m here daily. I’m happy here as I have many friends who are of a similar age and everyone is very nice; the staff are also very caring. If I don’t come here, I would be bored at home, though I do enjoy my 9pm Mediacorp Channel 8 dramas.

COVID-19 has made me think twice about going out so I’m either at home or at the centre.”


“I stay with my daughter and I enjoyed using the AIC activity booklets at home with her help. I learnt a lot, for example, about the clothing that other ethnic groups in Singapore wear.

The activities also brought back many fond memories… for instance, this page reminded me of how my daughter took me to amusement parks in the past! I also remembered Wang Sha and Ye Feng who used to crosstalk, crack jokes and sing in various dialects.”

You can download and print your own copy of AIC’s activity booklets too! Each booklet comprises 16 fun arts-based activities and puzzles which you can complete in the comfort of your home, by yourself or with family members and caregivers.

For Booklet 1 (Makan Time), click here:  

For Booklet 2 (My Home, My Kampong), click here:

For Booklet 3 (Rolling Good Times), click here:  

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Let the good times roll! ;)

Article published on: 22/04/2021