Licensing and Regulation

18 Dec 2023


MOH and SMC have noted that there were factual inaccuracies cited by DoctorXDentist (“DxD”) in their blogs and have asked that DxD publish the following erratum on their website and blog on 17 November. The erratum is reproduced on MOH and SMC’s website for reference.
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We previously published in our blog post titled “Clarification on the SMA Newsletter”, among other things, the following passage:


“We made the decision to include all Doctors after our consultation with MOH Compliance Officers back in 2018, as this offers an unbiased and comprehensive listing of all available options for our readers to make informed decisions for themselves without any commercial intent on our part. This decision is supported by our legal advisors.”

It has since come to our attention that the passage above may have given the erroneous impression that there were officers from the Ministry of Health (the “MOH”) who had advised us to list all doctors on our platform, or that the MOH had endorsed or approved our platform.

We wish to clarify that the MOH had not provided such advice, and has neither endorsed nor approved our platform. We apologise if any misunderstanding had arisen from the aforesaid passage.

Further, in our website, we had stated that Ms Melanie Ho “…acts as counsel for medical professional bodies like Singapore Medical Council (SMC) and Singapore Dental Council (SDC).” We wish to clarify that Ms Ho is not SMC’s legal counsel. She is on the panel of lawyers who bids for SMC/SDC’s disciplinary cases, and may be retained from time to time on a specific case. Ms Ho is not currently retained by the SMC/SDC for any case.