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07 Nov 2022

29th Nov 2020

          As of 29 November 2020, 12pm, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed and verified that there is 1 new case of locally transmitted COVID-19 infection. The case is in the community, and there are no new cases in the dormitories. There are 7 imported cases, who had already been placed on Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or isolated upon arrival in Singapore. Amongst the new cases today, 5 are asymptomatic, and were detected from our proactive screening and surveillance, while 3 were symptomatic. 

Summary of new cases




Breakdown by


Breakdown by


Number of cases


Already in quarantine/ isolation before detection

Detected from surveillance




Cases in the community








Cases residing in dormitories








Imported cases
















2.       Overall, the number of new cases in the community has remained low, with a total of 3 cases in the past week who are currently unlinked. We will continue to closely monitor these numbers, as well as the cases detected through our surveillance programme.


Case Details

a)            Cases in the community: 1

There is 1 case in the community today who is currently unlinked. Case 58424 is a Work Permit holder from India who works as a warehouse assistant. He is asymptomatic, and was detected from our community surveillance testing of stallholders in and around Tekka Centre on 26 November.

He was conveyed to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases when his test came back positive for COVID-19 infection on 27 November. His serological test result is also positive, which indicates likely past infection.

His work entails stocktaking at warehouses located at Cuff Road, and delivery of goods to Jothi Store and Flower Shop (1 Campbell Lane). He does not interact with customers at the store. He usually works with a warehouse assistant at the warehouses, who was also swabbed on 26 November and has tested negative for COVID-19 infection. He resides at Cuff Road with 2 other migrant workers, who have both similarly tested negative for COVID-19 infection.

Community surveillance testing enables us to contain cryptic cases in the community early, and prevent further transmission. In all, 876 individuals were tested during the community surveillance testing of stallholders in and around Tekka Centre on 26 November. Of these, 2 (Cases 58412 and 58424) were tested positive for COVID-19 infection. Both cases are likely to be past infections, as indicated by their positive serological test results. The remaining 874 individuals have tested negative for the virus.


b)            Cases residing in dormitories: 0

There are no cases residing in dormitories today.


c)            Imported cases: 7

Amongst the 7 imported cases, 1 (Case 58416) is a Long-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Russia and another (Case 58421) is a Student’s Pass holder who arrived from India. Another 3 (Cases 58417, 58422 and 58423) are Work Permit holders currently employed in Singapore who arrived from Indonesia. The remaining cases are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Case 58418 is an engineer who arrived from Malta on a work project in Singapore, and Case 58419 arrived from Belarus to participate in a mixed martial arts sporting event as a cornerman. They had all already been placed on SHN or isolated upon arrival in Singapore and were tested while serving SHN.

3.            Please refer to the Annexes and MOH’s daily Situation Report ( for details.

4.            Epidemiological investigations are in progress. In the meantime, all the identified close contacts of the cases have been isolated and placed on quarantine, and will be tested at the start and end of their quarantine period so that we can detect asymptomatic cases. We will also conduct serological tests for the close contacts to determine if the cases could have been infected by them.


Update on condition of confirmed cases

5.            5 more cases of COVID-19 infection have been discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities. In all, 58,124 have fully recovered from the infection and have been discharged from hospitals or community care facilities.

6.            There are currently 31 confirmed cases who are still in hospital. Of these, most are stable or improving, and none is in the intensive care unit. 29 are isolated and cared for at community facilities. These are those who have mild symptoms, or are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19. 29 have passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection.

29 NOVEMBER 2020