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07 Nov 2022

20th Mar 2020

For Seniors

Good personal and environmental hygiene:

·         Wash hands with soap and water frequently.
·         Avoid touching your face, in particular your eyes, nose and mouth.
·         Maintain good ventilation in your home.
·         Do not go out if you are feeling unwell, except to see a doctor. If you are unwell with fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat or runny nose, put on a mask and seek medical attention from the nearest GP or Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) immediately, regardless of the severity of symptoms.

If going out:

·         Stay outdoors or in well-ventilated areas, rather than indoors.
·         Keep a safe distance from others.
·         Avoid mingling in large groups and crowded places.
·         Avoid sharing food and cutlery.

More home-based activities:

·         Engage in TV-based or online-based activities.
·         Explore tele-commuting possibilities with your employer (if applicable).
·         Explore having essential supplies, e.g. food, groceries and medication delivered to your doorstep if necessary.
·         Reduce social gatherings at home or visiting others in groups.

For Family Members and Caregivers of Seniors

·         When visiting seniors or coming home to seniors, wash hands with soap and water.
·         Do not share food or cutlery with seniors.
·         Ensure that seniors’ homes are clean and well-ventilated.
·         If seniors have fever or respiratory symptoms, regardless of severity, bring them to seek immediate medical care at the nearest PHPC.
·         If you are unwell, refrain from interacting with seniors and seek medical care.
·         If you are returning from overseas, refrain from interacting with seniors for a 14-day period.