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06 Aug 2018

31st Aug 2017

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The National Nursing Taskforce (NNT) has submitted a total of 15 recommendations to the Ministry of Health (MOH) aimed at enhancing the growth, professional development and recognition of nurses in the public healthcare sector. The recommendations pertain to four areas: Career development, Autonomy, Recognition, and Education (CARE). Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong announced the acceptance of the Taskforce's recommendations by MOH at the Nurses' Merit Award Ceremony today.

CARE for Nurses

To meet the healthcare needs of a growing and ageing population, the public healthcare sector will need to expand its healthcare services significantly. Skilled nurses form the backbone of the public healthcare system and play critical roles in the promotion of health and the delivery of healthcare services.

MOH set up a National Nursing Taskforce in December 2012 to review and recommend ways to strengthen the development of the nursing profession. The Taskforce was led by a Steering Committee, co-chaired by Dr Pauline Tan (Chief Nursing Officer, MOH) and Mr Liak Teng Lit (Group Chief Executive Officer, Alexandra Health System). The Taskforce comprised over 60 representatives from the nursing and medical professions, public healthcare institutions, intermediate and long-term care (ILTC) institutions, post-secondary educational institutions, the Agency for Integrated Care and MOH.

The Taskforce reached out to nurses through many channels.  SMS (Health and Manpower) Dr Amy Khor hosted lunch for nurses to hear their aspirations and concerns. Taskforce members met with the Healthcare Services Employees' Union (HSEU) and more than 2,000 nurses over the course of 18 dialogue and townhall sessions to gather their feedback. The HSEU is supportive of the recommendations, which will be implemented over the next few years. 

Commenting on the review, Mr Liak Teng Lit said, "The Taskforce looked into the healthcare needs of Singaporeans 10-20 years down the road. With people living longer and technological advancements, there will be many patients with complex healthcare needs. Nurses will need to be caring, highly intelligent, well trained and able to make independent decisions in hospitals and in patients' homes. The Taskforce's review is to ensure that we can continue to attract the best into the profession, and develop and retain them to provide the best care to our people today and in the future."

Dr Pauline Tan said, "This review of the nursing profession is a timely one, considering Singapore’s population challenges. Our nurses deserve the greater recognition and support for their work, which is critical to the healthcare sector. The upcoming initiatives will pave the way for our nurses to operate at the top of their competencies. I hope that this will also attract more people to join the sector and contribute to this very meaningful profession."

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