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07 Sep 2023

7th Sep 2023

     Free telemedicine support for all COVID-19 patients will cease from 11 September 2023. Patients who are referred for free telemedicine support for COVID-19 on or before 10 September 2023 will continue to receive telemedicine services free of charge for 14 days from the date of referral.

2. Currently, patients with a higher risk of severe COVID-19, including those with comorbidities or who are immunocompromised, may be referred by their doctors for free telemedicine support. This was implemented since February 2023 to prevent overloading our hospitals’ Emergency Departments (EDs). 

3. In the last three months, an average of about 50 COVID-19 patients each month have utilised the free telemedicine support, with no escalations to the EDs as their conditions were generally mild. The cessation of free telemedicine support will therefore have no significant impact on our hospitals’ ED capacity. 

4. COVID-19 positive patients who wish to seek medical assistance may consult a doctor in person or select a telemedicine provider via FluGoWhere (