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07 Nov 2022

13th Jan 2021

          To support Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, the government is setting up four COVID-19 vaccination centres this month, starting with two – located at Changi Airport Terminal 4 and Raffles City Convention Centre – which have started operations from 13 January 2021. Two more vaccination centres, located at the former Hong Kah Secondary School and Woodlands Galaxy Community Centre, will be ready for operations next week.

2.            We expect to set up more vaccination centres over time to support the vaccination efforts. In particular, we are on track to have another four vaccination centres by the end of February. More centres across the island are being planned, and will be rolled out in tandem with the arrival of the vaccine shipments. These centres, together with the polyclinics and selected Public Health Preparedness Clinics, will ensure that every Singaporean and long-term resident in Singapore who is medically eligible can receive their vaccinations conveniently.



3.            In line with the recommendations by the Expert Committee on COVID-19 Vaccination to prioritise vaccinations of groups that are most at risk, we have started our national vaccination programme with healthcare and frontline workers.

4.            Vaccinations have been offered to healthcare workers and staff across all public and private healthcare institutions. Vaccinations are also being rolled out for workers and staff in the community care sector. 

5.            We have started vaccinating our frontline workers including those at our border entry points, i.e. our airports and sea ports, as well as those involved in the COVID-19 response, such as swabbers and those working in the quarantine and community care facilities. These individuals face considerable risks in being exposed during the course of their duty. We should therefore protect them as they are critical in our national efforts to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore.

6.            As of 12 January 2021, more than 6,200 individuals have received their first dose of the vaccine. These numbers are expected to rise substantially in the coming weeks as we continue to ramp up our vaccination operations. On 12 January alone, we vaccinated close to 2,800 individuals, including around 2,500 healthcare workers.



7.            We will commence vaccination of our seniors later this month.  Letters will be progressively sent to seniors to invite them to book an appointment for their vaccination.

8.            Residents and clients in the community care sector will also progressively be vaccinated. Nursing homes have begun engaging their residents and their next-of-kin on the vaccinations. We will work with the community care providers to encourage all medically-eligible residents and clients to be vaccinated.

9.            More details on the vaccination for seniors will be provided later.



10.          We are making provision for all Singaporeans and long-term residents in Singapore to be able to get vaccinated by the third quarter of this year, if there are no unforeseen disruptions to vaccine shipments. Vaccination will be progressively rolled out, and we seek everyone’s patience and support as we work to first protect those who are most at risk or most vulnerable.

11.          A high level of vaccination coverage will maximise protection for the population, and minimise the proportion of persons still susceptible to COVID-19. This will in turn reduce the risk of large outbreaks, continue to keep community cases low, and allow us to further re-open the economy and resume normal social activities. Thus, we encourage Singaporeans and long-term residents to come forward for vaccination when their turn comes, so that as a society, we can keep each other safe from the disease.

12.          Even as we progressively vaccinate our population, we must keep in mind that vaccination is not a silver bullet. We must continue to adhere to the safe management measures to help us mitigate the spread and keep community transmission low. 


13 JANUARY 2021