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07 Nov 2022

4th Apr 2020

          To protect Singaporeans and further ring fence the risk of community transmission from imported cases, all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders returning from ASEAN countries, France, India and Switzerland from 5 April 2020, 2359 hours will be required to serve a 14-day self-isolation at dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facilities. This arrangement will continue to apply to returnees from the UK and US. 

2.            The dedicated SHN facilities are not just about the provision of hotel rooms. We also work with the hotel operators to provide training for their staff, and to put in place proper security arrangements, as well as infection control and precautions. It takes time to get ready such facilities, and we do not have enough at present to accommodate all returnees. Therefore based on the current capacity, we have prioritised the facilities for returnees from these specific countries. The countries are chosen based on our assessment of risks and the history of imported cases in Singapore. For those who are coming back from other countries, they can serve their 14-day SHN at their place of residence.

3.            The Multi-Ministry Taskforce will continue to monitor the dynamic and evolving COVID-19 situation, and work closely with the private sector to adjust our capacity of SHN facilities accordingly.

4 APRIL 2020