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07 Nov 2022

8th Apr 2020

                 From 9 April 2020, 2359 hours, all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders entering Singapore will be required to serve a 14-day self-isolation at dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facilities.

2.            This is a further expansion of our enhanced SHN requirements for travellers returning to Singapore. We started out by requiring returnees from the UK and US to serve a 14-day self-isolation at dedicated SHN facilities. This was subsequently expanded to returnees from ASEAN countries, France, India and Switzerland.

3.            We have since stepped up capacity, and are now able to accommodate fresh returnees from all countries. Nevertheless, if there are unexpected capacity constraints (e.g. due to a larger than expected number of returnees), we may prioritise the dedicated SHN facilities for returnees from certain regions or countries, based on risk assessment.  Returnees who are already back in Singapore will continue to serve their 14-day SHN at their current location.

4.            As was earlier announced, all returnees who disregarded prevailing travel advisories and left Singapore from 27 March 2020, would be required to bear the full cost of their 14-day SHN at dedicated SHN facilities.