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30 Jun 2023

30th Jun 2023

     From 30 December 2023, the Nutri-Grade labelling requirements and advertising prohibitions will be extended to freshly prepared beverages sold at specified settings in Singapore. These measures include requiring freshly prepared beverages to be graded based on their sugar and saturated fat content, and materials such as menus that list down toppings such as pearls and jellies to be labelled with sugar declaration marks.

2.     The measures apply to
freshly prepared beverages sold in (i) retail settings such as food and beverage (F&B) outlets, catering establishments, as well as digital platforms, and (ii) non-retail settings such as hotels, workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and childcare facilities.

These measures will allow consumers to refer to Nutri-Grade marks when choosing their beverages, enabling them to better identify beverages that are lower in sugar and saturated fat. For toppings such as pearls and jellies that can be added to freshly prepared beverages, consumers will also be able to identify the toppings that are lower in sugar content by referring to the sugar declaration marks.

4.     Additional labelling requirements will also be introduced to beverages under the current Nutri-Grade measures, such as prepacked beverages sold in Singapore and non-customisable beverages dispensed from automated beverage dispensers.

Key Features of the Additional Measures

5.     The key features of the additional measures include:

     a) Freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages must be graded “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”, according to the Nutri-Grade grading system which is based on the beverages’ sugar and saturated fat content;

     b) If the freshly prepared or existing Nutri-Grade beverage is graded “C” or “D”, the Nutri-Grade mark must be labelled next to beverages listed for sale, such as on physical or online menus, at their point of purchase. Industry players may use the simplified Nutri-Grade mark on menus where more than one beverage option is listed (Figure 1). The labelling of Nutri-Grade beverages graded “A” or “B” will continue to be optional;

Figure 1: Simplified Nutri-Grade mark variants used on menus*

NG Pic 1

*The finalised version of the industry usage guides can be found on HPB’s website ( 

Toppings that can be added to freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages, such as pearls, jellies, ice cream, and whipped cream, must be labelled with a declaration of their sugar content (Figure 2); and

Advertisements promoting the sale of freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages graded “D” will be prohibited.

Figure 2: Example of a menu with beverages and their simplified Nutri-Grade marks and toppings and their sugar declaration marks*

NG Pic 2

6.     The extension of the Nutri-Grade measures to freshly prepared beverages and additional measures for existing Nutri-Grade beverages will come into effect on 30 December 2023, following the publication of the Food (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2023 and Sale of Food (Freshly Prepared Nutri-Grade Beverages – Exemption) Order 2023 today. Non-compliance with the measures will be an offence punishable upon conviction with a fine not exceeding $1,000; and in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, a fine not exceeding $2,000. A summary of the new requirements for Nutri-Grade measures can be found in the Annex.

Supporting Industry Partners

Industry partnerships play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth implementation of these additional measures. Since early 2023, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has been providing the industry with guidance and resources to facilitate the implementation of the extended Nutri-Grade measures. HPB has also been supporting the industry in their product reformulation and commercialisation efforts under the Healthier Dining Programme. Ahead of the implementation date, some businesses, such as food courts and quick service restaurants, have already reformulated their freshly prepared beverage offerings, or labelled them with the Nutri-Grade marks. HPB also supports the industry by investing in promotional and educational efforts among consumers, to encourage them to opt for lower sugar and saturated fat options.

The Nutri-Grade measures are part of MOH’s and HPB’s long-term strategy to shape consumer behaviour, with the aim to further reduce sugar intake in the population. We thank the industry for their support and will continue to work closely with them leading up to, and beyond the implementation date.



30 JUNE 2023