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04 Dec 2019

4th Dec 2019

     The Ministry of Health (MOH) has served a notice of interim suspension of the MediSave approval of Dr Andy Joshua Warren on 4 December 2019. The suspension will take effect from 20 December 2019 on an interim basis, until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings against him (including any appeals).

2.     Dr Warren had allegedly certified MediSave claims in relation to dental procedures that were not carried out on the dates stated in the letters of certification. Dr Warren was charged in Court on 18 October 2019 for cheating and falsification of patients’ medical case notes, while he was practising at Phoenix Dental Surgery Clinic [1], which had ceased operations in July 2016. MOH informed Dr Warren of our intention to suspend his MediSave approval on the same day, and thereafter considered his representations before deciding to proceed.

3.     Given the severity of the matter, MOH will be referring the matter to the Singapore Dental Council.

4.     When suspended, Dr Warren can continue to provide dental treatment as long as his registration with and his practicing certificate issued by the Singapore Dental Council remain valid. However, he will not be able to make MediSave claims on behalf of his patients for dental treatment and surgical procedures.

5.    MOH closely monitors clinics’ MediSave claims, and the majority of clinics and practitioners comply with our guidelines. MOH takes a serious view of false MediSave claims, and will not hesitate to take action where non-compliance is uncovered. We also remind healthcare professionals to uphold a high standard of professionalism and adhere to their Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines.

6.      MOH also encourages patients to actively engage their doctors and dentists if they have any queries on their bills. If the members of public come across any suspicious or unusual MediSave claims made for them, they can contact MOH (1800-255-4122).


[1] Phoenix Dental Surgery had two branches: Ang Mo Kio and Marine Parade.

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