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07 Nov 2022

7th Aug 2019

Associate Professor Daniel Goh Pei Siong
Non-Constituency Member of Parliament

Question No. 2978

To ask the Minister for Health (a) in the past five years, whether the number of cases of patients suffering from bedsores or pressure injury have increased in community hospitals and nursing homes; and (b) whether the Ministry has an action plan to improve preventive care for bedsores.

Written Answer

1    The number of severe pressure injuries in community hospitals has remained stable (at approximately 3 cases a year) in the last five years. MOH currently does not mandate reporting of pressure injuries in nursing homes, as they are assessed to be a lower risk setting. This is based on studies which have shown that the pressure injury risk and impact is higher and more severe in patients requiring higher levels of care. Nonetheless, based on discussions with nursing homes, MOH and the Agency for Integrated Care have not noted an increasing trend in pressure injuries.

2    Our healthcare professionals monitor patients for pressure injuries, and implement preventive measures for at-risk patients, which include those who are malnourished or critically ill. Examples of such preventive measures are the use of air mattresses, and turning patients regularly.

3    MOH and the Agency for Integrated Care have been encouraging cross-institutional sharing of learnings and quality improvement initiatives. MOH has also recently convened a Pressure Injury Workgroup comprising nursing wound experts across the care continuum, to explore and develop further preventive and management measures.

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