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07 Nov 2022

5th Aug 2019

Dr Chia Shi-Lu

MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC


Question No. 2983

To ask the Minister for Health (a) over the last five years, what have been the average daily oil, sugar and salt intakes per capita; and (b) whether the Ministry has set targets for Singaporeans' oil, sugar and salt consumption over a particular timeline.

Written Answer

1        Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s National Nutrition Survey tracks fat rather than oil consumption.  In the 2018 survey, total fat consumption per person was 98 grams compared to 91 grams in the 2010 survey.  Saturated fat, which is unhealthy, has decreased from 38% to 36% of total fat consumed while daily trans-fat intake halved from 2.1 grams to 1.0 grams over the same period.  The World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation is that no more than one-third of dietary fat should come from saturated fat, and to eliminate all artificial sources of trans-fat from the food supply.

2       Average daily sugar intake per person increased slightly from 59 grams in 2010 to 60 grams in 2018.  This is in excess of the WHO recommended upper limit of 50 grams (or 10 teaspoons) per day. Pre-packaged drinks remain the largest single contributor of sugar in our diet.