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05 Nov 2019

4th Nov 2019

Ms Joan Pereira
MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC

Question No. 3238

To ask the Minister for Health whether the Ministry can strengthen public education to clear misconceptions and fear by women for breast cancer screening.

Written Answer

  1. Early detection of breast cancer through screening is important because the outcomes of treatment for early stage cancers are better, compared with late stage breast cancer. Based on findings from focus group discussions conducted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), women have several misconceptions surrounding breast cancer screening. Some examples include screening not being necessary when one feels healthy, ‘it is better not to know’, and that mammograms are painful.
  2. HPB partners organisations including Singapore Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, National Cancer Centre Singapore and National University Cancer Institute to address these misconceptions, and to make screening and the follow-up process easier to understand. HPB and its partners also actively dispel misconceptions associated with breast cancer screening and encourage regular screening through the annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, forums, media messages and in talks delivered by community leaders and breast cancer survivors.
  3. However changing entrenched misconceptions is not an easy task. MOH and HPB will continue our efforts on public education on breast cancer and we welcome suggestions to improve our early detection efforts and save lives.

Category: Parliamentary QA