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07 Nov 2022

10th Mar 2020

At 0600 hrs on Tuesday, 10 March 2020, Costa Fortuna submitted its Maritime Declaration of Health. The ship declared that none of its passengers and crew on board are febrile or have exhibited other symptoms of respiratory illness. The ship was allowed to berth at 0800 hrs as scheduled. The penalty for false declaration includes up to six months’ imprisonment.

2       Passengers started to disembark at around 0900 hrs. As at 1200 hrs, more than 600 passengers have disembarked. Costa Fortuna has informed that all passengers and crew are well and had been checked by the ship doctor. Upon disembarkation, they were further subjected to thermal and visual screenings by MOH-licensed healthcare providers. Passengers  have been bussed directly to the airport for their onward flights or to their hotels. Almost all foreign passengers will depart Singapore within the next two days.

3       All passengers who had recent travel history to affected regions within the last 14 days, have completed enhanced one-on-one screening by doctors licensed by the MOH and have been certified fit to travel. These passengers had entered Singapore and boarded Costa Fortuna prior to the implementation of the travel ban and/or advisory[1] on 4 March, 2359 hrs. These passengers will stay onboard the ship and will be facilitated directly to the airport for their onward flights.

4       Since 24 January 2020, MPA has implemented temperature screening at all sea checkpoints, including cruise terminals, for all arriving passengers and crew. The cruise terminal operators have also implemented centralised outbound temperature screening for departing passengers with effect from 8 February 2020. Cruise lines also disinfect their ships in-between sailings. 

Issued by:

Ministry of Health

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board

[1] Passengers with recent travel history to affected regions will be disallowed to enter or transit through Singapore

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