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07 Nov 2022

27th Apr 2019

Ms Julie Lau, President of Parkinson Society Singapore

Parkinson Warriors and Caregivers

Ladies and Gentlemen

1.         Good morning. It is my pleasure to join you today for the annual Move to Beat Parkinson 2019 event. It is indeed encouraging to see Parkinson Warriors and their caregivers, healthcare partners, volunteers from the hospitals, schools and corporate organisations, as well as residents coming together this morning as a community to support people with Parkinson.

2.         Today, there are approximately 8,000 people with Parkinson's disease in Singapore. About three in every 1,000 individuals aged 50 years and above have Parkinson's disease, making this the second most common neurodegenerative disease in Singapore, after Alzheimer’s disease. With an ageing population, we expect the number of people with Parkinson's disease to increase.

3.         Parkinson's disease can be a debilitating condition. However, with appropriate rehabilitation and social support, most people with Parkinson can continue to remain as active members of the community. I would like to thank the Parkinson Society for having been a committed partner in supporting the social and health needs of people with Parkinson.

4.         Parkinson Society supports the people with Parkinson and their caregivers through its suite of programmes. Besides operating community rehabilitation services out of its centre in Bishan, Parkinson Society has gone the extra mile to cater to the needs of people with Parkinson and their caregivers, through activities such as kickboxing, dance therapy, singing classes, as well as caregiver workshops and support groups. I am glad that Parkinson Society has several initiatives to support caregivers, who play a critical and often challenging role. Caregiving is a long journey, and I am glad that Parkinson Society is there to support caregivers to go the distance in improving the quality of life of their loved ones.

5.         While we may be able to do little on our own, together we can do much more. For example, by partnering the National Neuroscience Institute, Parkinson Society has helped to train eldercare centres across the island to better cater to the needs of people with Parkinson. With this, people with Parkinson at these centres can benefit from community rehabilitation programmes that are more tailored to their needs. These include their physiotherapy exercise programme where caregivers and people with Parkinson will be educated on triggers of freezing, and prepare strategies in advance to reduce their risk of falling. As a community leader, Parkinson Society has set a fine example of how meaningful partnerships can help to amplify its expertise and good work.

6.         I would like to thank the Parkinson Society for its hard work and dedication in supporting Parkinson Warriors and caregivers in their journey. I would also like to encourage all Parkinson Warriors and caregivers to stay active, and continue the good fight against the disease through participating in events such as Move to Beat Parkinson. A positive attitude is key, and you are an inspiration to many.

7.         I wish everyone a very enjoyable and enriching day ahead. Thank you.

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