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07 Nov 2022

10th Jun 2013

1.                As at 7 Jun 2013, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported a total of 55 confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) worldwide, since the disease was first reported in September 2012.

2.               There are currently no cases of MERS-CoV in Singapore. The risk of an outbreak in Singapore remains low.  However, given today’s globalised travel patterns, the Government remains vigilant and is stepping up its operational readiness in the event of an imported case. 

3.               As a precautionary measure, the Government will put on standby the Home Team NS (HTNS) Pasir Ris Chalets as possible quarantine housing from 17 June 2013 (Monday) at 1.00pm. This is to ensure that quarantine facilities can be deployed at short notice to safeguard public health, if the need arises.

Options Available to Members to Minimise Inconvenience

4.               HTNS members who have made prior bookings at the chalets may continue with their holiday plans at the HTNS Pasir Ris Chalets or opt to cancel their bookings. Instead of outright cancellation of bookings, these voluntary options minimise inconveniences. The public can continue with their holiday plans at the chalet until the time comes for the chalets to be activated as quarantine facilities.

5.               When the facility is activated to house the persons served with the Quarantine Order – Persons Under Quarantine (PUQ), chalet occupiers will be requested to check-out of the chalets within 3 hours upon receiving the notice, which will be served between 8.30am to 6.00pm. They will be given a full refund of their booking fee and vouchers worth $100, as a gesture of goodwill.

6.               For HTNS members who prefer to make alternative holiday plans, they may  opt to cancel their bookings for chalets booked on or after 17 June 2013. They will be similarly given a full refund of the booking fee and a $100 voucher, as a gesture of goodwill.

7.               HTNS will contact all affected members. We seek the understanding of families who have made prior bookings at the HTNS Pasir Ris chalets.

Capacity at the HTNS Pasir Ris Chalets

8.               Should HTNS Pasir Ris Chalets be activated as a Government Quarantine Facility (GQF), seven of the eight units will serve as quarantine housing with the remaining unit functioning as the operations centre. 21 persons can be quarantined under this arrangement. 

9.               The Government will continue to monitor developments and stands ready to respond to any evolving situation to safeguard the public health of all people in Singapore.   

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10 Jun 2013


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