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07 Nov 2022

10th Dec 2021

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) has detected three more COVID-19 cases who have tested preliminarily positive for the Omicron variant, of whom one is a local case (airport frontline worker) and the other two are imported. All three cases are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic, and recovering in isolation wards at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). MOH is ringfencing the cases through contact tracing. 

Case 276839

2.  Case 276839 is a 38 year-old male who works as a passenger service staff at the departure gates at Changi Airport Terminal 3. He did not interact with the three earlier cases of Omicron infections[1]
 (Cases 271487, 271598, and 273611). There are no known linkages with the earlier reported case (Case 276363) who is also a Changi Airport passenger service staff. 

He was tested for COVID-19 on 9 December as part of weekly Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) for border frontline workers, and his polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result came back preliminarily positive for the Omicron variant. He was asymptomatic and upon being notified of his positive test result, he had self-isolated at home. 

Case 276794

4.   Case 276794 is a 30 year-old female who returned to Singapore via a Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) from the United Kingdom (UK) on 8 December. Her pre-departure test in the UK on 7 December was negative for COVID-19 infection. Her on-arrival PCR test on 9 December was positive for COVID-19 infection, and she was suspected of being infected by the Omicron variant (due to detection of the S-gene Target Failure) on 10 December. Prior to her conveyance to NCID, she had self-isolated at her own residence.

Case 276796

5.  Case 276796 is a 26 year-old male who travelled to Singapore via VTL from the UK on 8 December. He had not interacted with Case 276794 during the flight. His pre-departure test in the UK on 6 December was negative for COVID-19 infection. His on-arrival PCR test on 9 December was positive for COVID-19 infection and was suspected to have been infected by the Omicron variant on 10 December. Prior to his conveyance to NCID, he had self-isolated at a self-sourced accommodation.

6.  The National Public Health Laboratory is conducting whole genome sequencing for all three cases to confirm the variant and contact tracing is ongoing. All close contacts of the cases will be placed on 10-day quarantine at designated facilities and undergo PCR tests at the start and end of their quarantine. All frontline airport workers are currently undergoing weekly routine testing. Since 2 December, those working in higher risk settings had been placed on weekly PCR testing. All airport workers on routine testing will now be required to do daily antigen rapid tests for the next seven days.

7.  Given its high transmissibility and spread to many parts of the world, we should expect to find more Omicron cases at our borders and also within our community. It is important for everyone to continue to play their part and remain vigilant to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and to come forward to receive your vaccination or booster dose when offered. 

10 DECEMBER 2021

[1] The National Public Health Laboratory has completed whole genome sequencing for Cases 271487 and 271598, and has confirmed that they are infected with the Omicron variant. The confirmatory test result for Case 273611 is pending.