Home and Centre-based Care Service Requirements

08 May 2023

To support seniors who require home and centre-based care, the Government provides subsidies to offset their bills. Service providers of subsidised home and centre-based care services have to meet a set of minimum service requirements for the service(s) that they provide in order to continuing receiving subsidies for their clients. The service requirements focus on ensuring that clients receive safe and appropriate care.

The service requirements for home care (with effect from 1 April 2021) are as follows:

(i) Home Care Services

(ii) Interim Caregiver Service (ICS)

The service requirements for centre-based care (with effect from 29 Jan 2021) are as follows:

(i) Service Requirements for Centre Based Care (referring to Maintenance Day Care, Dementia Day Care, Community Rehabilitation and Centre-Based Nursing) 



Centre-based care service requirements (effective up to 28 Jan 2021):

  1. Maintenance Day Care (MDC) [PDF, 869KB]
  2. Dementia Day Care (DDC) [PDF, 1.01MB]
  3. Community Rehabilitation (CR) [PDF, 634KB]
  4. Centre-Based Nursing (CBN) [PDF, 610KB]
  5. Service Requirements for Centre Based Care

Home-based care service requirements (effective up to 31 Mar 2021):

(i) Home Care service requirements

(ii) ICS service requirements