War on Diabetes


17 Nov 2019


The War on Diabetes was declared in 2016 to rally a whole-of-nation effort to tackle diabetes and we have made headway with the various initiatives that were introduced. We have put together a summary report that outlines our journey and progress thus far. There is still much more to be done and with your support, we will continue to push on and fight diabetes as a nation. Click here to find out more.


The Ministry of Health (MOH), in collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), embarked on the Citizens’ Jury (CJ) for the War on Diabetes to mobilise citizens to raise awareness about diabetes and generate community-based recommendations on how to better prevent and manage diabetes as a nation. Such deliberative engagement models are premised on the belief that citizens can contribute meaningfully to the co-creation and co-delivery of approaches on issues of significance to them and the community.

Over a span of seven weeks (November 2017 to January 2018), participants sought advice from subject matter experts. They discussed and debated ideas and proposals among themselves, to come to a consensus on the recommendations that they, as a Jury, wanted to put forth.


PROGRESS UPDATE ON RECOMMENDATIONS– 1ST APRIL 2019CJ-v1-SUMMARY-3-5b (1)Please click here for the detailed copy of the progress update.


SMS Amy Khor met with the participants of the inaugural Citizens’ Jury (CJ) for the War On Diabetes to deliver the Ministry’s response and to thank them for their effort and commitment to co-deliver solutions for the War on Diabetes. SMS Khor also commended the CJ participants for taking the initiative to work  with community organisations to pilot their initiatives, and thanked the many organisations and individuals who supported the Citizens’ Jury. CJ participants were also encouraged to tap on the support and resources available to continue to lend their support in the War on Diabetes.

The CJ report written by participants and MOH’s response to the CJ report is attached.

1)CJ Report

2)MOH's Responseto the CJ Recommendations



The Citizens’ Jury concluded on 13 January 2018 when the 76 participants submitted their recommendations to Senior Minister of State for Health, Dr Amy Khor. SMS Khor commended the Jury’s commitment and enthusiasm to work with the Ministry of Health to co-deliver solutions to fight the War on Diabetes, and that she was encouraged that Singaporeans were ready to step up, take ownership and co-create solutions with the Government to make a difference for our community.

War on Diabetes - Group Photo


In a post-event survey, 90% of participants indicated they were keen to contribute more actively to whole-of-society efforts in the War on Diabetes, and to inspire their community, family and friends to do so. Also, 86% of participants felt that their CJ participation helped them better understand the challenges of balancing competing needs and finite resources in developing solutions for the benefit of all Singaporeans. The findings demonstrate a larger and longer-lasting impact of the Citizens’ Jury for the participants that went beyond their recommendations.

The recommendations made by the participants have been conveyed to the Ministry of Health unedited and unchanged. The Ministry of Health is currently studying the recommendations carefully, and will respond to the participants on the outcome of the recommendations by April 2018. The Ministry of Health thanks the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) for its partnership in and support for this MOH Citizens’ Jury. IPS is evaluating the Citizens’ Jury process to see how this engagement methodology can facilitate greater engagement of citizens in the policymaking process.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, the CJ Secretariat extends its appreciation to all participants’ for their active participation in the first Citizens’ Jury on the War on Diabetes. We wish everyone good health and a wonderful year ahead.

War on Diabetes - Infographic

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