Project Silver Screen



Project Silver Screen is an initiative by the Ministry of Health and Temasek Foundation Cares to bring functional screening to more seniors in the community as part of the ongoing efforts in preventive health to help seniors age well in place.

Functional Screening is a simple and pain-free check up for Singaporeans aged 60 years and above to help detect age-related decline in seniors' vision, hearing and oral health early so that timely intervention can be provided to improve their quality of life. 

Check your eyes!
You will be asked to read off a chart while standing some distance away. You will be assessed on whether you need spectacles or need further follow-up tests.

Check your ears!
You will fill up a simple questionnaire, followed by checks on your ear canal and ability to hear sounds of different frequencies and volumes.

Check your mouth!
You will undergo a simple and painless check on 8 areas of your oral health: lips, tongue, gums and tissues, saliva, natural teeth, dentures, oral cleanliness and dental pain.

Call the AIC Hotline at 1800 650 6060* or visit for the latest schedule of functional screening sessions in your neighbourhood.

* Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 8.30pm or Saturday: 8.30am to 4pm except public holidays.


Do note the following:

  • These screenings are for Singaporeans aged 60 and above
  • You are eligible to be screened once a year only
  • Bring along your NRIC, Pioneer Generation or CHAS card on the day of screening
  • Please also bring along any assistive devices (e.g. dentures, spectacles, hearing aids) that you may be currently using


Here are some tips from medical experts on how to take care of your eyesight, hearing and oral health, as well as why you should go for Project Silver Screen:

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  • And here are more stories of seniors who have benefited from Project Silver Screen:

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