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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be implementing a comprehensive
plan to make our transport system more senior-friendly.


The Public Transport Council and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) have been introducing measures to make it more affordable and convenient for seniors to move around via public transport.

Senior citizens with concession cards can enjoy a discount of around 25% off adult card fares, depending on the travel distance. Those travelling pre-peak will also enjoy a 25% discount off the lower pre-peak fares. They also have the option to purchase the hybrid Senior Citizen Concession Pass at $60 (half the price of the Adult Monthly Travel Pass), which allows unlimited travel on basic buses and trains (including during peak periods). These schemes are customised to lower the cost of travelling on public transport for Senior Citizens.

 Go About Easily

LTA will be implementing a comprehensive plan to make our transport system senior-friendly.

LTA conducted consultation sessions with seniors to hear about the challenges that they face in using the public transport system, and also to gather feedback on prototypes of senior-friendly features.

These suggestions and feedback were important in helping the LTA formulate a suite of measures to ensure that seniors can get around Singapore in a convenient, safe and comfortable way.


LTA will:

  • Silver Zones

    Implement 50 Silver Zones by 2023 to improve road safety in areas with more seniors.

  • Green Man Plus

    Implement 1,008 traffic lights with the Green Man Plus system by end-2018, to extend crossing times at traffic junctions for seniors and persons with disabilities.

  • Railings

    Install railings at selected sheltered link-ways between MRT stations and health institutions or residential homes for seniors, to provide seniors with greater support and improve safety.

  • Overhead bridges

    Install lifts at 47 pedestrian overhead bridges by 2018. LTA will continue to retrofit lifts at more overhead bridges near hospitals and polyclinics. These lifts make it easier for seniors to cross roads where it is not feasible to install pedestrian crossings at ground level.

  • Rest stops

    Build seats at 50-metre intervals along selected sheltered walkways, so that seniors can rest while walking to their destinations.


LTA will:

  • Wheelchair-friendly buses

    Replace all buses with wheelchair-accessible ones by 2020

  • Foldable seats on buses

    Introduce foldable seats in new buses to increase flexible seating capacity.

  • Bus sensors

    Install sensors on new buses to record driving patterns to ensure a safer journey for the seniors.

  • Direct buses

    Introduce more bus services to enhance connectivity within mature estates. Many seniors have shared that buses are their preferred form of public transport.

  • Priority queue at bus interchanges

    Implement priority queues at all new bus interchanges and integrated transport hubs. Seniors and persons with disabilities will be able to sit at dedicated areas while waiting for buses.

  • Bus stops

    Increase the size of the words on bus information posters at bus stops islandwide where feasible, to make them easier to read. LTA will also replace existing bumrests at bus and taxi shelters with proper seats that come with armrests, which will aid seniors in getting up from a sitting position.

  • No advertisements on bus fronts

    Require windows on the front third of the buses to be kept clear of advertisements, so that commuters can more easily identify their location and destination.


LTA will:

  • Seats

    Provide more seats in new MRT stations for seniors to rest.

  • Lifts

    Provide lifts to platforms at all stations, to allow for barrier-free accessibility.

  • Signs

    Enlarge the size of the words on directional signage. This, together with the existing use of colour contrast, will make it easier for seniors to read the displayed information on directions, for seniors to navigate MRT stations and bus interchanges.

  • MRT doors

    Extend the stop time of trains at MRT stations by around two to six seconds during off-peak hours, so that seniors have more time to board trains.