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Buying that cheap health product or medicine? Think twice.

False and illegal health products (such as contact lenses, pills and liquids) likely contain dangerous and harmful ingredients. These can cause serious side effects or complications such as diarrhoea, headache, pain, skin rashes, swelling of hands and feet, vomiting – and even death.

Using these products can worsen your medical condition, and delay timely treatment.

Beware of these signs!

  • ‘Back alley’ peddlers, makeshift stalls, and door-to-door salesmen
  • Suspicious online sites, auctions, or social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Carousell) with unbelievable headlines (e.g. 100% safe), images that don’t match content or unlikely celebrity endorsements

What is the harm?

  • If anything goes wrong, you may not be able to find the seller. 

    It is easy for anyone to set up an online platform such as a website, online auction or social media account (e.g. Facebook and Instagram). It is almost impossible to keep track of these suspicious sellers as their sites may pop up one day only to disappear the next. So, you may not be able to contact them for help, send a complaint or even get your money back.

    Learn more about the false and illegal health products that HSA found in recent years.

Protect yourself, and your loved ones

  • Don’t place price or convenience over your health, so think twice when purchasing for your health.
  • Buy your medicines from licensed clinics, pharmacies and established retail stores.
  • Always talk to your doctor or dentist if you have questions about your, or your loved ones’ health.

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What to do when problems arise?

Adapted from HSA's Consumer Safety Articles

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