Safer Decisions, Better Health

The ABCDs for Safer Health Decisions

Don’t want to lose out on that next health deal? Look here first:


AVOID buying from suspicious sources.

Such sources may be selling fake medicines or services by unqualified personnel.

Fake medicines look or sound the same as those sold in clinics, pharmacies and reputable retail stores, but they are not. Taking fake medicines is harmful as they may contain dangerous and harmful chemicals.

Treatments, especially invasive procedures, done by unqualified persons can also harm your health (e.g. infections, scarring).


BEWARE of deals that are “too good to be true”.

Overly attractive deals, unsupported claims, formatting and spelling mistakes or website addresses that look wrong are signals that something is wrong. The products offered may be of poor quality or fake; and services provided by unqualified personnel.


CHECK the claims – not all are safe.

Claims that over-promise can also signal that something is wrong. Just because medicines and services are advertised as “miracle fix”, “100% success”, “no. 1”, ‘best’, “limited edition”, or used by celebrities, doesn’t make these claims true or safe.


DISCUSS with your doctor or dentist.

The internet has many opinions and information, not all of them are accurate. Following popular opinion may harm your health and well-being. When in doubt, discuss with your doctor or dentist.

What to do:

  • Buy your medicines from licensed clinics, pharmacies and established retail stores.
  • Check that services are provided by a registered healthcare professional or at a licensed healthcare premises.
  • Discuss with your doctor or dentist if you have questions about your health, or your loved ones’ health.


Think twice,
this is your health!

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