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False and illegal health products detected by HSA for the period 2016 - 2022

Year 2022

 ProductPress Release

The following medicines are not licensed in Singapore. However, they were reported to be contaminated overseas. If you have bought any of these products overseas, please do discard them:

  • Termorex Fever
  • Flurin DMP Sirup
  • Unibebi Cough Sirup
  • Unibebi Sirup Fever
  • Unibebi Fever Drops
  • Promethazine Oral Solution
  • Kofexmalin Baby Cough Syrup
  • Makoff Baby Cough Syrup
  • Magrip N Cold Syrup
  •  Unauthorised medicines and medical devices such as anti-diabetic medicines and blood glucose test strips, lancets and meters
  • Sexual enhancement products
  • Prescription-only medicines (e.g., birth control pills, antibiotic creams), unregistered hair loss treatments, condoms and COVID-19 related products
  •  ‘Star Cream (星星膏)’
  •  ‘Prime Kopi Pejuang 3 in 1’
  •  ‘AK-II Phenomenal King’
  • ‘Premium Pro S Flash’ 
  •  ‘Traditional Herbs Preparation XPE’
  • ‘FS++ Slimming Supplements By JPJ Slim’

Year 2021

 ProductPress Release
  •  ‘X-Gout’
  • ‘dcr Natural Herbs Honey Enzyme’
  • ‘KMS2 Dark Chocolate Mocha Botanical Beverage’
  • ‘Speedy Slim Capsules (Black)’
  • ‘Speedy Slim Capsules (Gold)’
  •  ‘Magic Mocha’
  • ‘Thao Moc Ho Tro Giam Beo Cenly’
  • ‘Cynthia Beauty EazyS Instant Coffee Powder’
  • ‘Miracle Gold Candy’
  • ‘C4 Candy’
  • ‘Coco Hotz Cocoa Drink’
  •  Illegal surgical masks 
  • Prescription medicines for chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and for the management of cholesterol; antibiotics, abortion tablets and oral contraceptives
  • Lifestyle health products such as weight loss pills, sexual enhancement medicines, cosmetic products for skin whitening, condoms
  •  Flash Slim’
  • ‘Leedee Botanical Beverage Mix Pineapple Juice Powder with African Mango’
  • ‘Quinn S Amyera’
  • ‘Schocolite Double Chocolate Cookies Drink with Hoodia Gordinii Extract and L-Carnitine’ 
  •  ‘Bobba Fitz’ and ‘Bobba Toxx’

Year 2020

 ProductPress Release
  • ‘Queenz Mango Xsliim Botanical Beverage Mix Mango Powder with Garcinia Cambogia & Aloe Vera Extract’
  • 'Mone Macha Cocoa’
  • ‘Nutriline Thinsline’
  • ‘Nutriline Cleansline’
  • ‘KiMiSo Dark Chocolate’
  • ‘Wholly Fitz PASSION LEMON TEA’
  • ‘Coco Curv’
  • ‘Choco Fit’
  • ‘Hamer Candy’
  • ‘LKS Coffee’'serifa-beauty-solidmolid'-and-'lks-coffee'-sold-online-found-to-contain-banned-substance-causing-adverse-effects
  • ‘Clinic K’
  • ‘RO Slim Booster’
  • ‘Rozell Detox’
  •  ‘Lung Tan Tsao’ ‘蘢膽草清血解毒藥 (丸)’
  • ‘Candy B+ Coffee Extra Power’
  • Weight loss pills, sexual enhancement medicines and cosmetic products
  • Health supplements, herbs, traditional medicines and “clip-on” products that claimed to prevent or treat COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)
  • ‘Kopi Jantan Ali Macca’
  • ‘Kopi Panggung AL-Ambiak Natural Herbs Coffee’
  • ‘Berry Jaga Chewable Candy’
  • ‘SHEN QI DAN BAI NIAN CAO YAO’ (‘神奇丹 百年草药’)
  • ‘Ricalinu’
  • ‘Freaky Fitz’
  • Codeine cough syrup, cough suppressants and sleeping pills

Year 2019

 ProductPress Release
  • ‘Unlabelled diaper cream’
  • ‘D’Splendid Kidzema Cream’
  • ‘CLAĺR DE LUNE P. Tuberose Day Cream’
  • ‘CLAĺR DE LUNE S. Involcurata Night Cream’
  • ‘Milan LATTE’
  • ‘VALENTUS SlimROAST OPTIMUM Dark Roast Coffee’
  •  'S Gold Coffee''s-gold-coffee'-sold-online-found-to-contain-banned-substance
  • ‘Skinny Lolita'
  • ‘Xtreme Candy’
  • Unlabelled clear capsules containing dark brown powder
  • ‘BB Body’
  • ‘Bello Smaze’ Choco Fit
  • ‘Seahorse Chop Du Zhong Ba Ji Wan’

  • ‘Hickel’
  • ‘Solomon Island Soloco Traditional Candy (‘Soloco’)’
  • ‘Deeja Cosmetic Sun cream’
  • ‘Deeja Cosmetic Wrinkle cream’
  • ‘Deeja Cosmetic Dream cream’
  • ‘RDL Babyface Whitening Cream Night Cream 5 in 1’
  • ‘RDL Face Off Fade-Out Cream Day Cream 5 in 1’

  • Illegal codeine cough syrup, sleeping pills and other prescription medicines including codeine tablets

Year 2018

ProductPress Release
  • ‘Pil Raja Urat Asli’
  • ‘XXS xtraxtrasmall’
  • ‘Best Nutrition Products Diabotica 500mg Capsules’

  • Weight loss products
  • Unregistered modafinil

  • 'Jus Al Sunnah Gold 1001 Khasiat Jus Alternatif’
  • ‘Jus Al Sunnah 1001 Khasiat Jus Alternatif’'jus-al-sunnah-gold-1001-khasiat-jus-alternatif-and-jus-al-sunnah-1001-khasiat-jus-alternatif-fruit-juices-found-to-contain-undeclared-potent-medicinal-ingredients

  • 'Ke Le' Weight Loss Product'ke-le'-weight-loss-product-sold-online-found-to-contain-potent-medicines-used-to-treat-cough-and-blocked-nose

  • 'Body Slim Herbal'
  • 'Sparkle Twins''body-slim-herbal'-and-'sparkle-twins'-sold-online-found-to-contain-banned-substance-sibutramine

  • 'Li Da'
  • 'Chapter Plus''li-da'-and-'chapter-plus'-sold-online-found-to-contain-banned-substance-sibutramine

  • 'Nuvitra' and 'Becoli''nuvitra'-and-'becoli'-sold-online-found-to-contain-banned-substance-and-potent-laxatives

  • ‘AUSBEE AUSTRALIA® AUSBEE Herbal Powder Capsules’

  • ‘Herba Saraf’
  • ‘Wonderglow Whitening Specialist Super Ultra Glowing Cream’ cosmetic set (‘Wonderglow’)
  • ‘Tati Skin Care 5 in 1’ cosmetic set

  • Unlabelled brown bottles of facial solution

  • Brilliant Skin Essentials Rejuvenating Cream Exfoliant Cream
  • Brilliant Skin Essentials Rejuvenating Facial Toner Exfoliant Toner
  • Brilliant Skin Essentials Whitening Cream 10g
  • Brilliant Skin Essentials Whitening facial toner 60ml
  • droplets of Nature. REJUVENATING CREAM Lift & Correct 10g 2RJJS
  • droplets of Nature. REJUVENATING TONER Lift & Correct 60mL 4RJJS
  • Goree Beauty Cream with Lycopene with SPF 30 Avocado & Aloe Vera
  • Karisma Cosmetic SKINCARE Day Cream
  • Karisma Cosmetic SKINCARE Night Cream
  • Karisma Cosmetic SKINCARE Treatment Cream
  • Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Cream
  • Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Toner
  • Skin Magical Rejuvenating Cream No. 1
  • Skin Magical Rejuvenating Facial Toner No. 1
  • Speaks G Skin Essential Brightening Rejuvenating Cream 10g
  • Speaks G Skin Essential Brightening Rejuvenating Toner 60ml

  • Unregistered modafinil

  • Illegal cough syrup, sleeping pills and painkillers

Year 2017

ProductPress Release
  • ‘Nutriline Bluvelle’'nutriline-bluvelle'-sold-online-found-to-contain-banned-substance-and-caused-adverse-reactions-in-consumer

  • Anyang Herbal Blue’ and ‘Anyang Herbal Red’'anyang-herbal'-products-sold-online-contained-very-high-levels-of-banned-substance-and-caused-adverse-reactions-in-consumer

  • ‘Glow Glowing Skincare 4 in 1’ cosmetic set

  • ‘Tati Skin Care 5 in 1’ cosmetic set

  • Royal Expert Whitening Cream’

  • ‘WAN LING REN SEM CHIN KUO PILL’ (‘金龍牌萬靈人参筋骨丸’)
  • ‘CHONG CAO DAN’(‘人参樹商標虫草活絡丹’)

  • Enhanced Athlete Cardarine
  • Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol
  • Enhanced Athlete Mutant YK-11

  • Unlabelled, illegal pills and capsules supplied locally by “Samsudin Traditional Massager”

  • Illegal sexual enhancements drugs

  • ‘DZ Garcinia Herbal Plus’
  • ‘Gorgeousleem Advanced Capsule’
  • ‘Figure-Up Slimming Pill’
  • ‘XXS Advance’
  • ‘Tati Skincare Therapy Cream 1 and Therapy Cream 2’
  • ‘AQ Chantique’
  • ‘Bee Venom 4 in 1’
  • ‘Luxury Signature’
  • ‘Candy B Complex’

  • ‘PHQ 1001 Khasiat Penawar Herba Qaseh Serata Herb’'phq-1001-khasiat-penawar-herba-qaseh-serata-herb'-which-contains-undeclared-potent-western-medicines

Year 2016

ProductPress Release
  • VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex
  • ‘Ananda Thukha Remedy for Diabetes’
  • ‘1 Day Diet’
  • ‘Bee Brand Qi Li Xiang’ ‘蜜蜂牌七里香’

  • 'LONGRED Oyster-x' and 'LifeSparks 100% Natural PAIN RELIEF SUPPLEMENT''longred-oyster-x'-and-'lifesparks-100-natural-pain-relief-supplement'-which-contained-undeclared-potent-ingredients-and-caused-adverse-effects-in-a-patient

  • ‘Snake Powder Capsules’(‘蛇毒血清丸’)
  • ‘JC Gold’ (‘金丹’)
  • Anabolic steroids, sleeping pills, pregnancy test kits, and medicinal drugs for infertility and weight loss
  • ‘Hai Leng Hai Beh Herbal Itch Removing Capsule’ (‘海龙海马止痒丸’)'hai-leng-hai-beh-herbal-itch-removing-capsule'-(-%e6%b5%b7%e9%be%99%e6%b5%b7%e9%a9%ac%e6%ad%a2%e7%97%92%e4%b8%b8-)-purchased-overseas-which-led-to-serious-adverse-reaction-in-patient
  • ‘活血清肝解毒丸’ ‘Huo Xue Qing Gan Jie Du Wan’
  • ‘黄牛木是你的救星’ ‘Huang Niu Mu Shi Ni De Jiu Xing’
  • ‘Meizitang Botanical Slimming 100% Natural Soft Gel’

  • Counterfeit “EYE MO Regular” (7.5 ml) and “EYE MO Moist” (7.5 ml)

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