Maintaining cost-effective care in a sophisticated technology landscape

While MOH works with healthcare institutions to improve and deliver better quality and safer care, we also support care that offers the best value to patients to ensure healthcare remains affordable and sustainable for the population.

With a more sophisticated technology landscape, diagnostic and treatment options have become more varied, enabling timelier detection and innovative treatment of conditions. While many of these advances are revolutionary, the adoption and diffusion of health technology are often cited as one of the biggest cost drivers. It is important that we ensure such costly technologies are used only where clinical and cost-effectiveness evidence supports its application.
To identify such technologies and populations who would benefit from them, MOH has set up the Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) as the National Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agency in Singapore to drive better decision-making in healthcare.

Ensuring Safe and Quality Care

MOH works with our local healthcare institutions to ensure safe and quality care for patients. We work closely with healthcare institutions through a multi-pronged approach, including:

  1. Facilitating the sharing of best practices from investigation of root causes that contributed to serious adverse events across institutions. This is to promote learning and the prevention of occurrence of similar incidents across the healthcare system;

  2. Working with National Committees to improve patient safety; and

  3. Programmes to support the drive towards large-scale and systematic spread of quality improvement initiatives within the healthcare system.