You have retired from work, but not from life.
What you want now is something that would give you meaning and purpose in life.
This might just be the answer.



Seniors can and want to give back to society and volunteerism is a meaningful way to do so, say the seniors at our focus group discussion sessions.

But you want choice, flexibility and greater recognition in order for you to want to give of your time and talents and to keep doing so for the long run.

We heard you.

  • Community Befriending Programme

    Sip a kopi, share some laughs, make a friend. The Community Befriending Programme connects seniors in the neighbourhood. After all, who doesn't need some companionship and emotional support now and then?

    Most befrienders start out with a simple desire to give back to society but develop enduring friendships with their new buddies over time.

  • Silver Volunteer Fund

    A Silver Volunteer Fund with a target size of $40 million has been set up to help community organisations recruit and develop senior volunteers.

    The fund was established through public donations, with a dollar-to-dollar match by the government, capped at $20 million.

    Find out how you can forge friendships and make a difference by volunteering. Call the C3A hotline at 6478 5029* to find out more.

    * Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm except public holidays.

    Read the stories of active senior volunteers here: 

  • The President’s Challenge

    The President’s Challenge will continue to champion a national senior volunteerism movement.

    The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) has also introduced a senior category in the annual President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Awards, to provide national recognition to exemplary senior volunteers.

  • Giving.sg

    NVPC has launched the Giving.sg portal to help individuals locate volunteer opportunities.

    Seniors can use this portal to search for volunteer opportunities based on their interest, skills, availability or preferred volunteering location. The portal will facilitate an easier and more meaningful giving experience.

    Click here to visit the portal.

  • Corporate giving

    NVPC has been reaching out to businesses in its efforts to promote corporate giving in Singapore.

    NVPC will encourage businesses to rally some 10,000 older employees to be involved in corporate giving or volunteerism opportunities.