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10 Nov 2023

25 Feb 2020

1.   We note that there has been confusion over the current TOP appeal submission process, especially over the need to re-submit the details of TOP appeal cases after the appeals have been approved.

2   In light of these concerns, we would like to update you that we will now consider all approved appeals as submitted TOP procedures. There will no longer be any need to re-submit the details of appeal cases that have been approved.

3   If you have mistakenly submitted a TOP appeal in eLIS, please notify MOH at Kindly include the acknowledgement number of the TOP appeal, and the reason for the mistake. Do not include any identifiable patient information in this email (e.g. patient name, NRIC). For further information on the process for data submission, you can refer to the user guide attached.

4   If you have any further questions or clarifications, you may also direct them to eLIS@moh.govsg.

Thank you.



Ministry of Health
Health Regulation Group

For information on "Guide on Online Submission of TOP/VS Patient returns", please click here.