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07 Nov 2022

19th Jun 2021

         The Ministry of Health (MOH) is investigating likely COVID-19 transmission in the vicinity of Bukit Merah View. So far, 21 cases [1] of COVID-19 infection have been detected in nine different households at 119 Bukit Merah View. COVID-19 viral fragments were also detected in wastewater samples collected from some of the blocks in the vicinity. Epidemiological investigations are ongoing to determine linkages and the source of transmission.

In order to disrupt any wider, undetected community transmission, MOH will conduct mandatory COVID-19 testing for all residents of 116, 117, 118, 119, 124A, 124B, 125 and 126 Bukit Merah View. Testing is optional for those who have tested negative for COVID-19 infection from 15 June onwards. In the event that a positive COVID-19 case is detected, MOH will isolate the case, identify all close contacts, test and quarantine them to protect the community from further transmission. 

To detect possible asymptomatic cases in the community, MOH will also conduct voluntary COVID-19 testing for visitors and those who have interacted with residents of 116, 117, 118, 119, 124A, 124B, 125 and 126 Bukit Merah View between 5 June to 19 June 2021. We encourage these individuals to come forward for testing. 

Both mandatory and voluntary testing will be conducted at designated estate pavilions in Bukit Merah View from 20 to 21 June. Please refer to the table below for details. 

Groups to be tested

Designated Testing Location

116 and 117 Bukit Merah View

Estate Pavilion at 125A Bukit Merah View between 9 am to 5 pm

118 and 119 Bukit Merah View

Estate Pavilion at 118A Bukit Merah View between 9 am to 4 pm

124A, 124B, 125 and 126 Bukit Merah View

Estate Pavilion at 128A Bukit Merah View between 9 am to 4 pm

5.          All residents are to bring along their NRIC for identification purposes. Leaflets have been distributed and SMS notifications have been sent to the residents to provide them with more information. Residents are also advised to monitor their health closely and consult a doctor immediately if they feel unwell. Those who are still awaiting their test results are advised to minimise social interactions as much as possible. They should continue to monitor their health and seek immediate medical attention if they feel unwell.

19 JUNE 2021

[1] Cases 63579, 63758, 63759, 63762, 64158, 64221, 64223, 64225, 64271, 64274, 64279, 64280, 64281, 64283, 64284, 64285, 64315, 64316, 64319, 64326 and 64333.