Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Grant

19 Dec 2018


The Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Grant (TCMDG) aims to further support the capability and capacity building of the TCM sector so as to better meet the evolving needs of the Singapore population.

Its objectives are to:

  • provide funding support for training (professional development) and overall improvement on the delivery of TCM services especially in the areas of infection control and patient safety.

Eligibility Criteria

Funding support will be made available to support the professional development in the following areas:

  • Individuals:

    • Training and professional development of all registered TCM practitioners (TCMPs), TCM allied healthcare workers such as herbal dispensers listed with TCM Practitioners’ Board (TCMP Board) and TCM clinic assistants.

  • Organisations:

    • TCM course providers that are accredited by the TCMP Board to conduct local TCM conferences, seminars and workshops for professional development of TCM practitioners and related personnelto increase the quality of TCM courses.

    • TCM service providers to strengthen operating capabilities through adoption of IT solutions, and to enhance clinic facilities for better infection control and to meet the needs of elderly patients.


For eligibility, assessment criteria and other admin details on how to apply for funding support please read the application guide here [PDF, 188KB] carefully and view the briefing slides here [PDF, 567KB]. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can also be found here [PDF, 232KB]. 

Download the Application Form

Download the Budget Form

Contact Information

For submission of applications and enquiries, please contact the TCMDG secretariat at:

TCMDG Secretariat
College of Medicine Building
16 College Road
Singapore 169854


Tel:      6325-1564