Committee of Supply 2022

07 Dec 2023

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Minister Ong Ye Kung's Summary Video

Sarah's Healthcare Journey

Minister for Health, Ong Ye Kung, on Creating a Healthier Singapore

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Summary of MOH COS 2022 announcements

1 Redoubling Our Efforts 2_Healthier SG 3_Healthcare Clusters 4_Healthcare Clusters 5_Strengthen Support 6_Strengthen Support 7_Targeted Health Measures 8_Targeted Health Measures 9_Mental Health 10_Ongoing Efforts 11_Safeguarding 12_IT and Innovation 13_Invest in Infrastructure 14_Invest in Infrastructure HSG_Banner_27 Apr

Promoting overall healthier living

Theme 1

Redouble our efforts to promote healthier lifestyles

  • Tobacco and vaping control
  • Efforts to reduce sugar consumption
  • Sodium reduction strategy [NEW]

Healthier SG Strategy [NEW]

  • Activating network of family physicians – Transforming primary care to be an important pillar of our healthcare system
  • Care Plans – Following up with a family physician on preventive health plans, including regular screening and addressing risk factors
  • Community partnerships – Building an integrated health and social ecosystem to support residents
  • National Healthier SG Enrolment – Enrolling with a family physician as the first line of care
  • Necessary support structures – Manpower, financing and IT structures and policies to support healthcare reform

Strengthen support for the health and well-being of the young and their families

  • Healthy Mother-Healthy Child [NEW] – Deliver services to mother-child as a pair in 12 more polyclinics over next 3 years, Family Nexus to be piloted at 4 sites
  • Happy Mother-Happy Child – Antenatal & postnatal mental wellness screening, support for high-risk pregnant women
  • Supported Mother-Able Child [NEW] – Practical guide & resources on healthy screen time habits
  • Parent Hub [NEW] – One-stop resource portal to support pregnancy and parenting

Targeted health measures for specific sub-populations

  • Seniors – Refreshed Action Plan for Successful Ageing (end-2022), Expanding housing-cum-care options [NEW]“Live Well, Age Well” programme [NEW]
  • Women and Families – Supporting couples on their parenthood journey, women’s health event [NEW]
  • Lower Income – Scale-up of Healthy Living Passport Programme
  • Malay and Indian Communities – Collaborate with community leaders and partners on healthy lifestyle promotion
  • “Our Healthy Singapore Fund” [NEW] – Co-creating health promoting projects with community volunteers and partners

Stepping up efforts to strengthen support for mental health

  • Public consultation exercise by the Interagency Taskforce on Mental Health and Well-being
  • Outreach and support – Community mental health teams for youth [NEW]Crisis Responses Team [NEW]
  • Expanded provision and increased access to mental health services – Enhanced National Addictions Management Service [NEW]Psychiatric services at Alexandra Hospital
Fact Sheet: Promoting overall healthier living while targeting specific sub-populations

Keep healthcare costs affordable, improve well-being of our healthcare workers

Theme 2

Ongoing efforts to provide affordable healthcare

  • CHAS chronic subsidies and MediSave extended to 3 more conditions from 2H2022 – Gout, Allergic Rhinitis, Chronic Hepatitis B [NEW]
  • Total of 23 conditions under Chronic Disease Management Programme

Safeguarding the well-being of our workforce

  • Tripartite Workgroup for the Prevention of Abuse and Harassment of Healthcare Workers [NEW]
  • National Wellness Committee for Junior Doctors [NEW]
Fact Sheet: Keeping healthcare affordable and improving the well-being of healthcare workers

Investing in enablers and infrastructure

Theme 3

Further invest in IT to support healthcare transformation

  • Enhancing IT platforms and Health Information Bill to support population health and data-sharing [NEW]
  • Tele-treatment and tele-monitoring technologies for better support care in the community
Further invest in infrastructure to future-proof our healthcare system
  • 2021
    • 3 new polyclinics: Bukit Panjang, Eunos, Kallang
    • 5 new nursing homes
  • 2022
    • New National Cancer Centre Singapore
    • Sembawang Polyclinic
    • Redevelopment of Alexandra Hospital (preparation works commenced)
    • Redevelopment of Eastern Integrated Health Campus (preparation works commenced)
  • 2023 and beyond
    • New polyclinic in Taman Jurong (by 2028) [NEW]
    • Redevelopment of Queenstown Polyclinic (by 2030)
Fact Sheet: Investing in enablers and infrastructure to support healthcare transformation