Accredited Private Ambulance Operators

03 Oct 2023

All private ambulances will be licensed as either Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) and/or Medical Transport Service (MTS) under the new Healthcare Services Act (HCSA) in the second half of 2021. This will enhance the patient care and ensure patient safety and welfare.

Emergency Ambulance Service means a service to transport, by land, any individual suffering, or believed to be suffering, from an injury or condition or acute or sudden onset and of an emergency nature.
Medical Transport Service means a ground conveyance that is used or intended to be used for the transport of patient(s) who is being provided with non-emergency clinical or monitoring en-route.

Voluntary Accreditation Scheme (VAS) and MOH standards

To help private ambulance operators prepare for these changes and start their transition into the licensing framework, MOH introduced the Voluntary Accreditation Scheme (VAS) for private ambulance operators in 2018 to help them raise their capabilities and competencies.

For more information on the list of accredited PAOs on board VAS, please use this link.

For more information on Healthcare Services Act (HCSA), please use this link.

For more information on MOH Standards for Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS) and Medical Transport Services (MTS), please click EAS or MTS.

Common Fees Charged by Private Ambulance Services

For more information on the fees charged by private ambulance operators, please click the links below:
- Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS): Common Fees | Detailed Fees
- Medical Transport Services (MTS): Common Fees | Detailed Fee