The Communicable Diseases – Public Health Research Grant (CD-PHRG) encourages researchers to work on strategic research topics with major public health impact for Singapore, particularly in the area of Communicable Diseases.

It aims to:

  • support evidence-based public health risk assessment, intervention and policy formulation for communicable diseases;
  • build and mobilise strong national research capabilities across a range of disciplines to support public health preparedness and response to any new communicable disease outbreak or crisis; and
  • to develop depth and breadth of expertise for public health thought leadership.


Grant Type

Projects will be awarded for a period of up to 3 years at a cap per project of $1 million (inclusive of indirect costs, capped at 20% of eligible funding amount). Any requests for an extension of the project deadlines will follow National Medical Research Council (NMRC) policies and guidelines. 

The following types of grants are available:

Thematic Grant

 Investigators are invited to propose projects based on strategic areas of interest specified by MOH (see CD-PHRG Administration Guidelines Annex A for Nov-Dec 2014 Priority Themes).

Applications will be reviewed by a peer-review process.

Grants are awarded based on relevance, scientific merit, applicability to the local context and national significance.

For more information: CD-PHRG Administration Guidelines [PDF, 189KB] and  Annex A [PDF, 361KB]

Commissioned Studies

Investigators are invited to submit a  Letter of Intent (LOI) [DOCX, 77KB] based on the research question defined by MOH [see Annex B [DOCX, 20KB] for MOH Commissioned Studies research question(s) for FY2015.

The most suitable proposal will be selected and the selected investigator will be informed by MOH to submit a full research proposal.

All applications will be reviewed by the CD-PHRG Stakeholders Committee (CD-PHRG SC).

The grant will be awarded to the proposal that has addressed MOH’s specific research question.

For more information: MOH-CS Commissioned Studies Administration Guidelines [DOCX, 179KB] and Annex B [DOCX, 20KB]

Overseeing Committee 

A local CD-PHRG Stakeholders Committee (CD-PHRG SC) will oversee the CD-PHRG and make the final decision for the awarding of the grant. The Committee comprises members from MOH, public sector healthcare institutions and academia.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Principal investigators should be from local public healthcare or academic institutions [i.e. Clusters/ Restructured Hospitals (RHs) & Institutions, Universities, Health Promotion Board (HPB), or Health Sciences Authority (HSA)].
  • Applications must be endorsed by the institutional authorities (e.g. Department Head, Director of Research or equivalent), to ensure institutional support, ownership, and oversight for the projects and the PIs, together with their Project Teams, are responsible for the planning, direction and execution of their proposed projects.
  • Projects which are currently already receiving support from other sources of funding will  not be eligible for CD-PHRG funding.
  • Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) are not eligible to apply. VWOs may, however, collaborate with public institutions on relevant projects (e.g. projects across healthcare sectors), so long as the principal investigators are from the public institutions. 



Application for Thematic Grant (currently closed)

Please submit your application via the NMRC Grant Application and Grant Evaluation for Research ( IGMS) online system.

You may refer to the  Guide for CD-PHRG Application [PDF, 466KB] for instructions on completing the CD-PHRG Application on nGager.

Application for MOH - Commissioned Studies (currently closed)

Please submit a Letter of Intent for the research question via email to MOH_CD-PHRG@moh.gov.sg. Please click here [DOCX, 77KB] for LOI and form guide for the instructions.

Please note that the identified principal investigator (PI) for the project under MOH Commissioned Studies is required to submit a full research proposal. Please click here [DOCX, 98KB] for MOH-CS Proposal Form. MOH will work with the identified PI to align the research proposal to MOH’s division needs. Identified PI may refer to the  MOH-CS Proposal Form Guide [PDF, 307KB] for instructions on completing the MOH-CS proposal. Identified PI is required to submit the full research proposal via email to MOH_CD-PHRG@moh.gov.sg and mail the hardcopy to the following address:

CD-PHRG Secretariat

Communicable Diseases Division

College of Medicine Building, 16 College Road,

Singapore 169854

Please also refer to the following documents for the terms and conditions, as well as policies, governing the CD-PHRG:

Contact Information

For further clarifications on CD-PHRG, you may contact us at MOH_CD-PHRG@moh.gov.sg