21 Apr 2008

The Ministry ran a two week radio advertising campaign in April 2008 to raise the awareness that organ transplant saves lives. If you missed the HOTA radio ads that are currently on Gold 90.5FM or Love 97.2FM, click on the links below to download and listen to them.

Gold 90.5FM

  • 'Little Girl with Nurse' (1.04MB)
  • 'Happy Birthday' (1.12MB)

- Produced by Gold 90.5FM - MediaCorp Pte Ltd

Love 97.2 FM

  • 'Little Girl with Nurse' (2.86MB)
  • 'Happy Birthday' (2.76MB)

- 以上讯息是由LOVE 97.2最爱频道制作

Ria 89.7FM & Warna 94.2FM

  • 'What is HOTA' (1.3MB)
  • 'HOTA Saves Lives' (1.16MB)

- Produced by Ria 89.7FM & Warna 94.2FM - MediaCorp Pte Ltd