MediShield Life Awareness Collaterals

07 Dec 2023

MediShield Life (Advertorial)
From end-2015, MediShield Life will provide all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, even those with current or pre-existing illnesses, with healthcare coverage for life. The Government will provide subsidies to help keep premiums affordable.


Don't Miss the Letter on MediShield Life Premium Subsidies (Advertorial)

Confirm and Double-Confirm your Address in your NRIC! (Video)


Subsidies for MediShield Life Premiums
The Government will directly help Singaporeans with their MediShield Life premiums to phase in the shift to MediShield Life. Read more about the subsidies available. 

Will your Family Get the Right Subsidies?
Confirm your household income at to ensure that you do!

MediShield Life Household Check (Video)
Confirm and double confirm your household information to get the correct MediShield Life subsidies!