Code of Practice for Clinic Management System Data Portability

28 Aug 2023

It is critical that vendors of a Clinic Management System (“CMS”) ensure data portability in order for fidelity of patient records to be maintained and patient care and safety to be upheld when healthcare providers switch from one CMS to another.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in consultation with relevant stakeholders, have developed the Code of Practice for CMS Data Portability (“
Code”). This Code is intended to:

  • Set out the practices that CMS Vendors shall comply with in the provision of support or services to ensure Data Portability;
  • Promote a Client-centric approach to the provision of Data Migration services to ensure Data Portability; and
  • Advocate best practices for Data Portability across the CMS industry.


Adherence to the Code is one of the requirements for a CMS to be listed under the CMS Tiering Framework for Primary Care that will take effect from April 2023. For more information on the CMS Tiering Framework for Primary Care and HSG-compatible CMSes, please visit here.


For further clarification or information on the Code, please email IHiS [] if you are a CMS Vendor or approach your AIC account managers if you are a GP clinic.


Download latest version of the Code here.