Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) Local Situation

13 May 2021


Falsehood on COVID-19 Vaccination Links with Stroke and Heart Attack
MOH is aware of falsehoods circulating that the COVID-19 vaccination has clear and causal links with stroke and heart attack. In particular, there are allegations that a doctor had suffered a stroke and an 81-year-old man had passed away from heart attack as a consequence and result of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. These allegations are false. Please click here for the facts of the case.

Vaccination Appointment
Due to the strong demand for COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore and limited supplies, we seek your understanding that there may be limited slots available at your preferred location. However, we wish to inform you that there are appointment slots available at other locations where you may wish to consider to book your appointments. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Please Stay at Home if you have an MC or are Feeling Unwell
You should only take the vaccination when you are well. 

Please do not proceed with your COVID-19 vaccination appointment if you are:

- Unwell, or have a fever in the last 24 hours
- On Medical Certification (MC) to stay home
- Have a cough, runny nose, and/or sore throat
- Serving Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) or Quarantine Order

Please reschedule your appointments using the same booking link you had received via SMS. For assistance, please call MOH at 1800-333-9999.

Beware of Scam
We are aware of websites, emails, SMS text messages and phone calls falsely claiming to offer registration for COVID-19 vaccination. Please note that registration for the COVID-19 vaccination can only be done via vaccine.gov.sg. We advise the public to check the MOH website www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19/vaccination for information on Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

Please always verify the authenticity of instructions before offering any personal or financial information. You can also call the MOH hotline at 1800-333-9999 if you have any queries. Thank you.

SMS Notice of Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccination
The COVID-19 vaccination programme is being rolled out progressively. We have started sending SMSes to invite those who are eligible to register for their vaccination, starting with healthcare workers. 

When you receive your notification, please do not forward it to others as the invitation is unique to you. Please check that the link in the SMS ends with .gov.sg before clicking on it. 

If you have any queries regarding the COVID-19 vaccination exercise, please call the MOH hotline at 1800-333-9999.

Clarification on Website
We wish to clarify that the website https://www.simplyhealthhub.com/ is a private website and not associated with Healthhub or the Ministry of Health. You can call the MOH hotline at 1800-333-9999 if you have any queries.

Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON)



See press release 

The ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition' (DORSCON) is a colour-coded framework that shows you the current disease situation.  Click here to find out more. 

Total Number of Imported Cases in Singapore (as at 12 May 2021, 1200h)

4,439 (+6)

Case Summary in Singapore (as at 12 May 2021, 1200h)

Active Cases# 


In Community Facilities*

Hospitalised (Stable)

Hospitalised (Critical)


See press release for more details.
#Active cases = In Community Facilities + Hospitalised (Stable) + Hospitalised (Critical)
*Patients who are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19 are isolated and cared for at community facilities. 
^Excludes deaths unrelated to COVID-19 complications

Vaccination Data (as of 10 May 2021)

Received First Dose

Completed Full Vaccination Regimen

Total Doses Administered

Number of Swabs Tested (as of 10 May 2021)

Total Swabs Tested


Average Daily Number of Swabs Tested Over The Past Week

Total Swabs Per 1,000,000 Total Population


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Sector-Related Advisories

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COVID-19 Situation Report

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Latest Updates



12 May 202110 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection
12 May 2021Temporary Closure of Jewel Changi Airport and Restricted Access to Changi Airport Passenger Terminal Buildings - Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
12 May 2021The COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Amendment No. 3) Bill 2021 – Part 10A (Reliefs for Construction Contracts Affected by Increase in Foreign Manpower Salary Costs) - Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
12 May 202110 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection
11 May 2021Rallying the Community to Show Appreciation to Frontline Heroes from Tan Tock Seng Hospital - People’s Association (PA)
11 May 2021Additional Support for Businesses and SEPs Affected by Stricter SMM for Gyms and Studios - Sport Singapore (SportSG)
11 May 202113 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection 
11 May 202113 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection 
10 May 2021 3 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection 
10 May 2021 3 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection 
09 May 202110 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection
09 May 2021Changi Airport Steps Up Precautionary Measures - Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
09 May 2021Precautionary Measures in Seaport Stepped Up - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
09 May 2021 10 New Cases of Locally Transmitted COVID-19 Infection 
08 May 2021 
Victoria Junior College Students to Shift to Home-Based Learning Next Week - Ministry of Education (MOE)
08 May 2021 
[Updated] Tightening of Safe Management Measures - Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
08 May 2021 
FAQs for Management Corporations (MCSTs) and Managing Agents (MAs)
08 May 2021 
Advisory to Employers on Facilitating Recreation Centre Visits for your Special Pass Holders - Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
08 May 2021 Advisory to Dormitory Operators on Facilitating Recreation Centre visits for your Special Pass Holders - Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
08 May 2021 Advisory - Easing of Restrictions on Foreign Employees’ Visits to Recreation Centres - Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
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Travel Advisory (updated 7 May 2021)

As there have been recent sharp increases in cases reported by Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, residents of Singapore are advised to defer all travel to these countries/ regions until further notice.

Residents of Singapore may travel overseas:

a) To Australia, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Mainland China and Taiwan;

b) If they are pursuing academic studies or professional qualifications overseas, for courses or examinations which require physical presence in the foreign educational institution[1];

c) If they are taking on or returning to employment overseas, for employment opportunities which require physical presence overseas[2];
d) For essential travel for business, official and work purposes under Green/Fast Lane arrangements and the Periodic Commuting Arrangement;
e) For compassionate reasons (e.g. due to death of / critically ill family member);
f) To seek medical treatment which cannot be reasonably received in Singapore; or
g) To return to country of residence to attend to, or after attending to, legal/contractual obligations.

Except for the above, residents of Singapore are advised to defer all other forms of travel overseas.

Travellers are advised to check the entry requirements imposed by the countries/regions they intend to travel to. When overseas, travellers should take all necessary precautions, observe good personal hygiene, monitor local developments, and heed the advice of local authorities.

All travellers will be subject to the prevailing border measures upon entry to Singapore, including payment for their stay at dedicated SHN facilities and tests, where applicable.  All Singapore Citizens (SCs), Permanent Residents (PRs), and Long-Term Pass Holders (LTPHs) will be able to tap on regular healthcare financing arrangements for their COVID-19 treatment should they have onset of symptoms within 14 days of their return to Singapore and require hospital admission for suspected COVID-19 infection – SCs and PRs may access Government subsidies, and MediShield Life (MSHL) / Integrated Shield Plan (IP) coverage; LTPHs may tap on their usual financing arrangements, such as private insurance.
As Singapore’s measures will evolve as the global situation changes, we encourage everyone to check the MOH website (https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19) for the latest updates.

[1] Students enrolled in local educational institutions may travel overseas to complete a compulsory course component or examination that cannot be completed locally. Students below the age of 18 may be accompanied by an adult. Mature students may travel overseas with their dependents who will be residing with them for the duration of their studies.
[2] Residents of Singapore traveling to take on or return to employment overseas may travel with their dependents who will be residing with them for the duration of their employment.

Health Advisory and Advisory for Persons Issued Stay-Home Notice (updated 26 Feb 2021)

We urge Singaporeans to remain calm and vigilant. Singaporeans can continue to play their part by being socially responsible, practising good personal hygiene habits and complying with safe distancing measures. (click here to view other MOH Health Advisories.)

Members of the public should adopt the following precautions at all times:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness;
  • Observe good personal hygiene;
  • Practise frequent hand washing with soap (e.g. before handling food or eating, after going to toilet, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretions after coughing or sneezing);
  • Wear a mask if you need to leave your house (click here for guidance on use of masks and face shields);
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, and dispose of the soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin immediately; and
  • Seek medical attention promptly if you are feeling unwell and get swabbed if your doctor refers you.

Health Advisory for Persons Issued Stay-Home Notice (updated 26 Feb 2021)
If you are issued a Stay-Home Notice, you must remain in your place of residence at all times during the Stay-Home Notice period. Do not leave your residence, even to purchase food and essentials. 

Individuals who breach their Stay-Home Notice may be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act and/or the Infectious Diseases (COVID-19 Stay Orders) Regulations 2020.

Please click Health Advisory for Persons Issued Stay-Home Notice (SHN) to read the full advisory.

Measures which apply to Inbound Travellers (updated 04 May 2021)

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has been closely monitoring the local and global COVID-19 situation, and will be taking decisive action to curb the COVID-19 infections in Singapore.

Click here for updates on border measures.

Prevailing Border Control Measures and Public Health Requirements

Singapore’s border and health control measures are updated in response to the evolving global COVID-19 situation. Travellers planning to enter Singapore must comply with the prevailing border control measures and public health requirements, a summary of the measures can be found here.

Stay-Home Notice and Testing Regime

Please click here for the latest measures for inbound travellers.

Travellers to Bear Costs of Stay at Dedicated SHN Facilities (updated 9 Feb 2021)

All travellers, including Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who last left Singapore before 27 Mar 2020 will have to pay for their stay at dedicated SHN facilities. and COVID-19 test, where applicable.  

Clarifications on Misinformation

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WHO COVID-19 Dashboard

WHO Dashboard Icon
Click the icon above to find out the latest global numbers of COVID-19 cases from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Click here to view the weekly epidemiological updates.

For Queries, call

Please also refer to the FAQs for more information.  Do also beware of phishing calls impersonating MOH officers.   

National Care Hotline

If you need emotional or psychological support, please call the National CARE Hotline, or any of the helplines listed here.

For SafeTravel Helpline, call


Key Questions on COVID-19

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