Why is vaccination important?

The risk of serious disease and even death from COVID-19 infection, especially in the elderly and other vulnerable groups, is high.

Vaccination protects you against the disease, minimises the risk of transmission, and protects our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. It is free under the National Vaccination Programme for all Singaporeans and long-term residents in Singapore.

What vaccines are available under the National Vaccination Programme?

Who is eligible for vaccination and booster? 

Primary series

Persons aged 5 years and above. (For child vaccination, click here.)

First booster

Persons aged 12 years and above who have completed their primary vaccination series, including persons who have recovered from COVID-19 infection.

Second booster

Strongly Recommended:

  • Persons 60 years and above.
  • Persons living in aged care facilities; and
  • Medically vulnerable persons at higher risk of severe COVID-19, such as those with medical risk factors (as listed here).

Persons aged 50 to 59 years can also receive the second booster if they are concerned about their individual risk of severe COVID-19.

Note: Persons aged 18 and above are not required to present a doctor's referral to receive your second booster. For persons aged 12-17 years old, they would need a doctor's referral to be able to receive the second booster. Do verbally declare your health conditions to the vaccination staff before proceeding with the vaccination. For persons aged 18 and above with medical conditions not listed above, but would like to receive a second booster, please consult your doctor and request for a referral.

Locations for vaccination

All persons eligible for their primary series vaccination, first booster or second booster may receive their doses by walking into any of the 10 Joint Testing and Vaccination Centres (JTVCs) located across the island. You may also book an appointment at the JTVCs/ participating Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs)/ polyclinics via your SMS invitation.

Mobile Vaccination Teams (MVTs) have been deployed to selected heartland locations to make it even more convenient for our seniors to get vaccinated and boosted. The MVTs will be deployed at selected Residents’ Committee Centres at residential blocks and Community Centres. Each MVT will be deployed at a given site for two days before moving on to the next location.

Vaccine   MVT

Persons who are unable to leave home (e.g. persons with disabilities, mobility difficulties etc.) but want to receive their vaccination may arrange for the services of Home Vaccination Teams (HVTs). They may do so through the following means:

MOHHotline: 69959199 
AIC/SGO - For seniors (60 and above), and persons on homecare services (medical, nursing, therapy, personal care)
Hotline: 1800-650-6060
Email: enquiries@aic.sg
MSF/SG Enable - For persons with disabilities and/or special needs
Hotline: 1800-111-2222

SG Enable
Hotline: 1800-8585 885
Email: contactus@sgenable.sg


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