Frequently Asked Questions

08 Oct 2018

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1.    What is a Citizens’ Jury (CJ)?

CJ is a form of deliberative engagement that involves the community in the decision-making process on an issue that affects them or is of significance to the wider citizenry.

Participants will be informed of the issue through access to data and expert speakers during the sessions. Participants are empowered and expected to generate ideas, deliberate and debate, and propose recommendations to the commissioning organisation at the end of the engagement.


2.    Who is presenting this CJ?

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies, is presenting this novel citizens’ engagement opportunity.


3.    How is the CJ for the War on Diabetes (WoD) different from focus group discussions on the same subject?

Focus Group Discussions (FGD) are, generally, single session engagement exercises that last three hours or less each time. Participants’ views are heard and recommendations (if any) are received, but, typically, those views and recommendations are often not explicitly responded to by the FGD sponsor. In addition, there is rarely any expectation that FGD participants will deliberate and reach a consensus on solutions to an issue. 

On the other hand, the CJ is a multi-session engagement that spreads over a longer period of time. In the case of the WoD, engagement is done over a seven-week period. Solutions to a community issue are derived from jurors’ collaborative sense-making, deliberation and debate, and consensus-building. Participants take ownership of their ideas by writing their report at the end of the engagement sessions.

For this CJ on the WoD, the final report will be presented to the Ministry of Health (MOH).  MOH will provide a response to the CJ’s proposed recommendations. Where feasible, recommendations will be prototyped and piloted.


4.    Must I only use my Singpass to log-in on eCitizensPortal to apply?

You may log in via social media accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo. If you encounter any difficulties in filling in this form please contact


5.    Who can I contact if I have difficulties filling in the form?

For technical difficulties, you may email